SuperMan Wheel Fix

Tags: design and innovate
Personhours: 3
SuperMan Wheel Fix By Jose

Task: 3D model a fix for Superman using Fusion 360

During the Discovery Faire Icarus' Superman wheel broke as the gears were skipping, rendering most robot articulations useless. The problem was the top gears were separating from each other and that caused them to also separate from the SuperMan gear. There is an easy fix for this, use a bar to join the motors together, effectively doing the same to the gears.

This part was modeled by measuring the distance between the motors and the holes of the gearbox to hold the bar down. This ended in a bar 163.5mm long with holes spaced accordingly. This was simply extruded and the edges were made round. After the bar was printed it was proven to be tool long, the issue being the space between the motors is 62mm not 102.5mm. A test is still needed to test functionality.

Date | July 13, 2019