Pincher Gripper

Tags: innovate and design
Personhours: 2
Pincher Gripper By Ben

Task: Protoype a parallel gripper

While there are many different solutions and gripper designs, one of the most common is the parallel gripper. The purpose of a parallel gripper is to grip objects, in our case stones, parallel to the object instead of at an angle.

A parallel gripper would allow us to grip the stones more effectively, as it would grip with more surface area. Theoretically, these grippers work by having 4 bars/connectors which are all the same length. When they close, they close parallel.

After building the gripper, we tested it with the stones. While it did an okay job at gripping, due to the fact that we didn't use any gripping material, it slipped a few times. Another issue we encountered was that it would be difficult to flip a stone if needed, which is a task other designs could perform.

Next Steps

If we decide to pursue the parallel gripper system, we would have to firgure out a way to flip a stone so we could stack it, along with improving the grip.

Date | September 8, 2019