Modeling Planetary Gears

Tags: design
Personhours: 3
Modeling Planetary Gears By Paul

Task: Modeling a planetary gearset for robot turntable

External Gear Ring

We decided on using a turntable on the robot to allow for maximum articulation and flexibility on our arm assembly. The gear ring pictured allows the turntable to be moved by a motor mounted on the turntable. This component was modeled in Fusion 360, using a gear generator to make the teeth and creating the mount holes and the mounting ring after creating the gear.

The outer gear has 160 teeth, and the inner one has 20 teeth giving the two components a mechanical advantage ratio of 1:8. Both gears have a module of 1.5 mm, giving the gears enough definition to allow for precise movement while being coarse enough to print out on a 3d printer.

Next Steps

We need to print out the planetary gears and then mount the bevel gears to the turn-tables to ensure precision.

Date | October 2, 2019