Iron Reign
Worlds 2018
Team 6832
Iron Reign
7th year of FTC
5 years of FLL
Members with half
their lives on team
● Travis
Journey to worlds
Pre-Season Strategy Considerations
● Focus on winning or on growth?
● Focus on robot game or awards?
○ Chances of doing both with excellence are remote
○ How to balance awards categories?
● How much dedication are you going to put in?
○ How many practices / scrimmages / competitions?
○ How many hours do members need to put in throughout the season?
○ Do you need a team contract?
○ What’s your balance between work and play?
Pre-Season Strategy Considerations
● If you’re going to be a well-rounded team:
○ How are you going to do outreach?
○ How are you going to gain funding and engineering connections?
○ How is your engineering journal going to be set up?
● How is your team going to be structured?
○ Strict hierarchy vs. creative chaos?
● Does your team have any skill gaps?
3D modelling, programming, building, writing, driving, logistics, business
Strategies for Awards-based Advancement
● Be a well-rounded team
○ Don’t just focus on one award or robot game
○ Seek sponsors and $$$
● Make it easy for the judges to understand your engineering journal
● In any given tournament, be charismatic!
○ Judges will enjoy listening to you more
○ You’ll stand out more in a field of 30+ teams
● Gracious Professionalism
○ This may seem like a meme, but its actually important - Judges love it when you help other
people out
Build Experience Through Competition
•Multiple Scrimmages, hosted and led DISD scrimmage
•Qualifiers - SEM hosted, competed in 3, including Oklahoma
•North Texas Regional Championship
•Oklahoma State Championship (OK closed region going forward)
•Super Regionals
•World Championship in Houston
•Texas State UIL Championship
•Black light post-season tournament
Potential Advancement Calculations This Year
160 teams at Worlds
36 Lottery Spots so 124 teams left
30-40 international teams so worst case 84 teams left for U.S. advancement
No Super-Regional so those 84 advance from Region to Worlds
Assuming even split, 42 advance from “South regions” instead of 72
Texas census proved more teams
About 6-7 teams from NTX
○ All Inspire Award Winners
○ Winning alliance
○ Maybe Think
Judging and Pit Presentation
● How your pit appears is important
○ A clean pit with posters and other decoration will leave a better impression on judges
○ Include some informational posters to catch judges’ eyes
● Judging - the most important part of our day
○ Practice presentation
○ Summarize your information as much as possible, while still conveying all of it
○ Play to your strengths
■ If you’re funny, be funny
■ If you’re direct, be direct
■ You can dance if you wannoo
○ This is how you win awards, and get judges to come back to your pit for more information
Worlds Experience
Worlds Robot Inspiration
Worlds Robot Inspiration
● See what other teams are doing
● We took photos of every team’s robot at Houston Worlds:
● What build systems are in use?
● How many teams use multiple systems / custom fabrication?
● What drive-trains are in use?
○ Mecanum dominant in 2018
○ Good for open flat fields
○ Might not be so relevant for Rover Ruckus
● Research the results throughout the season
○ Delta between what teams say and do
Earning the Motivate Award
Earning the Motivate Award
3 year commitment to developing our mobile learning
laboratory (MXP)
● Year one focused was a pilot build and learning to
operate the vehicle/program with Dallas City of Learning
● Year two focused on sustaining summer operations to
improve experience for kids
● Year three (this summer / post Worlds) centered on
institutionalizing year-round operations
● Now we are trying to get a brand new built-to purpose
vehicle launched with new funding
● Each year we only claim credit for the new work on the
initiative that year
● But demonstrating a year-over-year commitment to an
innovative service model got us considered at Worlds
● Delta between Motivate/Connect in North Texas vs.
Earning the Motivate Award - Luck plays its part
3 explicit visits to our pit by judges
about outreach
● Told they were having trouble
deciding between teams
5 teams recognized as runners up
in the category
● Florida FLL team on lottery at
Worlds visits us during judge
● We go into full engagement
mode, giving them guidance on
● Turns out judges are still watching
us - likely deciding factor
At our pit, FLL Team 16784, IvyBots - Odessa FL
Inspection Tool vs Sizing Box
Drive Team
● Tycho (Alumni), Karina, Abhi and
● Late season team change
(sickness at supers)
● Drive practiced sacrificed to
complex robot development
● Heavy reliance on strong
autonomous (multi glyph at
● Teams that allocate relentless
drive practice do better in game -
Red Nek Wun claims 30hrs/week
drive practice
Environmental Factors: Phone and Static
● Ping Values
○ Constantly rising
22 second delay
Our Division channel 6 (other division fewer problems on channel 11)
Audience interference
Minimize Telemetry
● Static Field (placing relic)
○ Better with REV than MR
○ Static remains an issue - use staticide
○ Insulate your robot where it will engage border or other bots
● Phone mount crushed
Alliance Selection
Defense in Relic Recovery
Live Scoring
Team Culture
So winning games is cool and all, but team culture is the most important thing