Visit to SEM

Personhours: 1
Visit to SEM By Omar

Fig1: Tycho showcasing Kibosh's ability to rise up slopes to Imperialrobotics

Task: Showcase our robot's driving chassis

Today, we went to our school, SEM, to meet with our sister FTC team, Imperial Robotics. We took one of the ramps, a large rolling goal and the center structure so that they could get an idea of the size of the elements. Both teams tested driving their chassis up the ramps, but theirs couldn't make it. They are experimenting with a omni-directional chassis and it kept slipping sideways. Ours was only a little better, but it was able to push a rolling goal up the ramp.
Fig2: Omar, Lin, and Tycho giving input on the omniwheel design of Imperialrobotic's robot

We also shared some of our ideas for a beater bar and the lift mechanism.


With the blog well under way the team has taken to committing itself to outreach and spreading ideas ourselves. With input from other sources, we improve our designs while hopefully also giving others ideas. This exchange of ideas is a positive for all sides of the echange and with continued spread, our designs and algorithms will only improve.

Date | September 22, 2014