Nature's Fury comes to FTC

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Nature's Fury comes to FTC By Tycho

Fig1. Everything in the foreground was inside the tent last night

Yesterday, October 2nd, a storm blew across North Texas, wreaking havok on trees, backyards and many a robotics field. At least our robotics field. Our field was stored in a large green tent. While we were at school, the winds ravaged the city, and over 142,000 power outages occurred in Dallas alone. Although we did not suffer a power outage, our tent sustained severe damage, and parts were strewn across the yard. The once 4 meter tall tent got knocked back at least 3 meters, and in the back half, it was knocked down to half its original height. Our plans for starting to practice early in the season have been delayed at least 3 weeks, and we are planning to gather the team together to repair the tent, if possible. Luckily, the house didn't suffer any major damage.

Fig2. Where does storm end and red-neck begin?
Fig3. The tent over our forge (yep, that's right) was crushed by a branch

Date | October 3, 2014