Essay for Grant for 3-D Printer

Personhours: 1
Written by Jayesh

Task: Produce essay to convince EKOCYCLE® to gift us 3D printer

Iron Reign Robotics has been a successful student team that has obtained multiple awards across multiple competitions. FTC (First Tech Challenge), and Google Lunar X-prize are only a few of the competitions and events we have been a part of. The creation of the team, while bringing about positive effects, also brings negative effects such as the over use of natural resources. Derived from a school included in the list of “25 Doing the Most with the Least” this opportunity to obtain a 3-D printer such as the EKOCYCLE CubeTM 3-D Printer would give our team the benefit to utilize minute amounts of natural resources, and as we recycle the cartridges themselves, there isn’t any waste in the use of this printer. This allows a more efficient system of order and use to utilize in multiple competitions.
Beyond the beauty of recycling, let us attend the more multi-dimensional sense of this opportunity. A 3- D printer is a valuable resource for STEM organizations everywhere. Our sister teams, including a middle school team, another SEM FTC team, and the SEM FRC (First Robotics Challenge) team, would find great use of the printer to help prepare for their possible futures in robotics. Our ideas, which already developed in blueprint, include a joint which will act as a hinge to allow binomial+ access to different robotic parts. Our final design will be able to achieve in function as no other could’ve without the access to a resource such as a 3D printer.
A 3-D printer would allow Iron Reign to achieve greater heights with greater reaches in efficiency, production and overall function. With included additions, the 3-D printer would enhance our recyclability, cooperation with other organizations, and an ability to create much greater machines and robots approaching the new tomorrow.


The possibility of having a 3D printer accessible to the team any time we need it is a valuable opportunity that we can hopefully obtain. Our entire game plan has changed with the possibility of using algorithms like Google Sketch-up® and Creo® to produce parts instead having to figure out how to produce them with the metal pieces we have. If we get ther printer, our work just got a lot more accessible.
Date | October 4, 2014