Tube Joint V2

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Tube Joint V2 By Tycho and Max

Task: Improve Tube Joint

Today we published an updated version of our tube joint on Thingiverse. This version of the tube joint added a third tab for extra durability, and a gradual slope was added leading up from the base to the hinge tabs to allow it to print w/o structural support.


We asked for feedback from the 3D Fab(rication) Group at the Dallas Makerspace. They were the ones who told us that the hinge tabs looked a little weak. They also told us that we might want to try printing w/ the part turned on its side, to avoid structural weakness derived from the layer separation.

Last time we were able to export our model as a 3ds file, but we lost that ability when our Sketchup pro features expired. We searched around for another method, and we discovered we could export it as a Collada dae file for Thingiverse.

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Date | October 7, 2014