William B. Travis High School Night

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William B. Travis High School Night By Omar

Most of our team went to a middle school named William B. Travis, so when we heard that we had the opportunity to visit our old school again, we jumped on the chance. The school placed us in our 4th grade math teacher's, Mrs. B's, classroom. Our current math teacher, Mr. Newton, was also with us to talk about SEM and why kids would want to go there. The first group of children and parents came in around 7 PM. Mr. Newton introduced himself and us to them, then began speaking. After his main points, he allowed us to talk about our team and our goals. We presented ourselves and our robots that we had brought (Minion and Kaibosh), then allowed the children to see, inspect, and sometimes control the robot. Their interest in robotics obviously increased due to our amazing presentation. Another two groups arrived, and they were even more awestruck.

Teaching younger people is added practice and review for us and allows us to share our accomplishments and experiences in the field. While we were teaching, the younger kids gained a bit of understanding as to what robotics is and how it could be beneficial to their futures as not-so-small children.

Date | October 21, 2014