Big Thought Sponsorship

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Big Thought Sponsorship By Darshan

Task: Gain more sponsors to make the work of producing a robot easier

On Saturday, November 8, 2014 a new Microsoft store was opened at NorthPark Center where Big Thought was one of four beneficiary organizations at the opening ceremony. Big Thought, as they work to offer creative and cultural ideas for kids across North Texas, has supported our robotics endeavours over the years by loaning us NXT kits and laptops/netbooks that we use for programming. By participating in the ceremony, Iron Reign was able to directly benefit Big Thought and the kids they serve by earning $1000 in store credit for Big Thought.


The whole experience was great, we were able to check out all the new tech, we were even able to show off one of our older robots. We were also approached by an employee at the new store who informed us of available workspaces at the store itself for groups just like ours. This workspaces will be utilized by us in the near future and the ability to get input from people who work in the field at a professional level will be a valuable asset to the team.

Date | November 8, 2014