Creating a Socket

Tags: rolling goal, 3D printing, parts, and mechanical
Personhours: 1
Creating a Socket By Omar

Task: Ease transportation of rolling goals

While looking around on the internet, we found that some teams were trying to grab the bottom of the Rolling Goal to pull it around. This, however, is not what we plan to do right now. What our idea is is to create a sort of socket to put the rolling goal into to facilitate travel even further, then, using this, we will grab the base of the rolling goal with a couple of sticks or something. The back of our robot was unsuitable for this. Today, we used a reciprocating saw to cut two angles into the back of our robot. This way, some sort of 3D printed part can be made by our 3D object expert Max that will socket the Rolling Goals in and allow for us to grab them with ease.


Cutting with a reciprocating saw is difficult because it is not made to cut metal. It shook a lot (a LOT) and did not cut very smoothly. However, the angles created will suffice for the task.

reflections 2nd part

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Date | November 8, 2014