SEM Open House

Tags: 3Dprinter, parts, mechanical, and Thingiverse
Personhours: 1
SEM Open House By Jayesh

Task: Showcase robot to possible future engineers and scientists

On Tuesday we presented our Team's accomplishments, future goals, and basic robotics knowledge in a room full of kids and parents thinking of attending a school of Science and Engineering. We talked about engineering, the benefits of participating in FTC, and the overall affect robotics has had on our lives. The crowd was very responsive and seemed to get excited over how high school sophomores are accomplishing engineering levels that a lot of adults do. Our ability to share with the community has introduced a large number of kids to the field of robotics.


Our continued outreach approached a new level as we had the opportunity to inspire kids and show how learning and understanding of the engineering field could benefit them. We received a positive response and were later even asked questions by the younger community on the way out.

Date | November 15, 2014