ThanksGiving meet

Tags: testing
Personhours: 1
ThanksGiving meet By Jayesh

Task: Construct adhesive chain to elevate balls

The team had an extra meet during the ThanksGiving holidays and we used the extra time to start building the adhesive chain that will bring the balls up for scoring in the tubes. The mechanism has been given a structure with one long beam and a motor with four gears ate the end. Our spools are going to go in between each gear and help drive the long stretch of fabric. The reason for the adjoining structure of the spools is to sandwich the fabric and make it easier for the balls to adhere to the ends of the scoring tube.


With our adhesive strap and toggle in place, our scoring mechanism is in place... but in pieces. Now we have the final, but large task of bringing all of these pieces together. Our progress has increased in terms of the production of new mechanisms but we need to also give some attention to the rest of the robot.

Date | November 26, 2014