Trapping Rolling Goals

Tags: goal, mechanical, and parts
Personhours: 1
Trapping Rolling Goals By Lin

Task: Build a mechanism to hold a rolling goal so we can drive with it

Since we've already cut away part of the beams making up the robot's base to accommodate a rolling goal's shape, we now have to put down a hook to hold it as we drive.


We experimented with rotating down flat pieces, but found that when we applied any force the part was just pulled up and didn't do much in holding anything. The holes cut into the base seemed like a good spot to start, so we are trying to rotate a small beam into them. When we back up we hope that this will prevent it from skipping and being left behind. Since we don't currently have much room in the back of the robot, we will have to move our motor controllers somewhere else or use a servo arm, servo horn, and linkage to transfer the motion. Moving all the controllers would likely take much more time, so we are trying to use the other idea.

Date | December 7, 2014