Initial robot driving

Tags: parts, mechanical, samantha, programming, drive, and controller
Personhours: 1
Initial robot driving By Jayesh

Task: Test the controller connection with Samantha

With the scoring mechanism gradually coming together, today was devoted to the testing of the sync between Samantha and our robot. The drive control system has given us a weird bug, where on startup, the robot starts moving only one side of the wheels without any input from our side. While the other programmed code still works, such as the drive control and simple toggle, the constant turning of the left wheels makes it difficult for the other methods to function correctly. So,to attempt to fix the problem, we swept through the code and deleted many lines of unneeded code. This eliminated a lot of run-time errors and will help us a lot in the actual competition.


These were new errors that we hadn't seen while using bluetooth, so we were pretty sure it wasn't the program itself creating the errors. We had to check every motor connection with the pragma at the top, but everything checked out. We believed that the controller settings were causing the errors and sending positive signals when there were none, so we started switching between every combination of D/X and Mode on/off. Nothing changed, but apparentluy that was because we had neglected to refresh the controller list after each change. Once that was out of the way, the robot started functioning properly with driving and beater bar working. We now are sure that it is Mode: Off, back switch: D.

Date | December 27, 2014