Toggle for Capturing Rolling Goals

Tags: parts and mechanical
Personhours: 1
Toggle for Capturing Rolling Goals By Jayesh

Task: Code the servo for the toggle + finalize remote settings

While our scoring tube mechanism for the balls to be placed in the rolling goals is being finalized, our simple task of capturing the rolling goals has finally been coded and physically placed on the robot. Through the use of a simple if/else statement within a while loop, we toggle the open/closed positions of the servo controlling the capture mechanism and now we can easily maneuver the rolling goals into position for the optimal maximum points. We also now have finalized our remote settings utilizing Samantha. Now, we have the task of gettign out ball-scoring machine in place and to code a servo to control the up/down motion of the rubber strip to help maneuver the balls to the max height possible.


The simplicity of our toggle reduces time required for the program to execute and helps speed up each consequent motion and will only help in our robot gaining an edge over the other teams scoring-wise. A longer, more complicated program would slow down the execution of the program and, as we have seen with Samantha, will even lag the signals the remotes send to the robot.

Date | December 30, 2014