Scissor lift V3 - Mount Scissor Lifts

Tags: build
Personhours: 20
Scissor lift V3 - Mount Scissor Lifts By Jayesh

Task: Improve Scissor Structure

Our first version of the scissor lift had an unstable structure that was too heavy and often collapsed upon itself. Relying on a lighter, more flexible design, the new version of the scissor lift fixes many of the flaws of the first one. The most important point is that with the new steel frame Mr.Carter made for us, our holes are now drilled with greater spacing and accuracy. Also, using tetrix bushings, the overall structure is firmer and has much greater flexibility. The ball bearings that came with the new linear slides, have so far proven stable and seem to be what we will use for competition.


The scissor lift, assuming we finish it, will be the most important part of the scoring mechanism. With the increased screw placement accuracy, thanks to the steel template, and the increased capabilities of the now joint, we will have a stable ascending and allow for the robot to reach higher heights.

Date | January 1, 2015