Placing the lift tube for elevating the balls

Tags: parts and mechanical
Personhours: 1
Placing the lift tube for elevating the balls By Jayesh

Task:Place lift tube

Now that our rolling goal clamp system is working, we have the task of placing the lift tube to elevate the balls to the correct position. First we have to reconstruct the back end of the robot to accommodate for the extra size and girth of the tube. With our rearranging, we also now have to connect the rolling goals to the tube and complete our scoring mechanism. As soon as we complete this, we are just about ready for competition and can now have final driving practices.


Our unique design for the scoring of the balls will help us gain an edge over the teams that will have the elevator/rack and pinion design as, when it is done, our design will elevate quickly and more efficiently. This added bonus will also gain us more diverse partnerships and help us overall in the robot game.

Date | January 2, 2015