Solution to Tube Placement

Tags: parts and mechanical
Personhours: 1
Solution to Tube Placement By Jayesh

Task: Place Scoring Tube

A Solution we have produced for the placement of the tube was to place to long beams to opposite sides of the robot and connect with a third beam. This addition grants us more surface area to place our extra components such as the NXT brick and motor controllers. With these components gone, we now have adequate space for the tube mount. However, we encountered a problem as we found that the mount's base was a bit longer than 18 inches. With a bit of defiling and restructuring of the mechanism, we can now place the final coding and machinery into the robot and finally have it finished.


The size requirements of he competition is frustrating us as we often find we are a few cm off the limit and have to readjust each time. With the growing need of new arrangments, we have the needed dimensions and can now proceed making necessary changes to finalize the robot.

Date | January 3, 2015