3D Modeling Kibosh, pt 2

Tags: 3Dprinter, parts, mechanical, and Makerspace
Personhours: 1
3D Modeling Kibosh, pt 2 By Tycho

Task: Continue Build of Kibosh in Creo

After finishing about 2/3 of the drive train, I came across the first custom part. We sliced a small chunk off of the inner beam so we could install our goal catcher. Getting the alignment on the model to be accurate for the real robot was a challenge, as the robot was in another room, and I'm pretty sure we just eyeballed the cut in the first place, which meant there were no real recorded measurements I could base the edit off of.


I eventually created the custom part after taking some measurements, but it was a bit time consuming. Document custom parts more often and with more detail.

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Date | January 4, 2015