Mount scissor lifts

Tags: linear slides, linear, slides, and scissor lift
Personhours: 1
Mount scissor lifts By Lin

Task: Tear down temporary base frame and begin mounting scissor lift

We will be extending the scissor lift by using two drawer linear slides. We had to mount these on the side so that the two scissor lifts would be stable. Max cut notches into small U beams so we could put them in the middle of the robot, so we tested a mounting position for the slides and marked the excess to be cut off.
We also need to make a new scissor lift out of a new shape of aluminum because the full aluuminum pipes are too heavy for the motors.


It took quite a bit of effort to mount the short bars with notches, because they would also be holding the idlers for the drive train. These idlers were previously mounted in such an unreacheble way that it was extremely frustrating to take them off. We took extra caution that they would be easily accessable in the future. Mr. Carter, an engineering teacher at SEM and the sponsor of Imperial Robotics agreed to cut a template for drill holes in steel bars for these new aluminum bars. When we made the original template, the template holes grew larger and less accurate. It's currently 10:15 pm though, so we will hopefully be getting this tomorrow because we can't be drilling a template outside withought neighbors getting annoyed

Date | January 14, 2015