Improve Scissor Lift (V3) - Wiring Guide

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Improve Scissor Lift (V3) - Wiring Guide By Jayesh

Task: Improve Scissor Lift beams

The primary circular based beams were deemed unfit for use because of the constant folding and unstable support it gave for the scissor lift. We have switched to an L-shaped design that gives us greater stability and access to greater design areas. The main point of switching however, was the extreme weight of this beams. We theoretically could have been able to stabilize the design, but without the aid of a motor, it would have been impossible to actually lift. Mr.Carter also gave us the new steel frame for drilling into our beams and give us the greatest accuracy possible for our screw holes. Before the new frame, the aluminum-based frame gave our drilled holes extra, unwanted space. This caused the screws to loosen and eventally become ineffective.


The ability of the team to have precise measurements with use of items such as the new steel frame give our parts much greater leverage and durability. As our robot gets more stable and reliable, we increase our advantages in the robot game. At the same time, we are running low on time and still have to produce an autonomous, get the new scissor lift in place, and finalize the program. (presets, Max values etc.)

Date | January 15, 2015