Control Scheme

Tags: Control and buttons
Personhours: 1
Control Scheme By Darshan, Lin, Tycho, Max, Jayesh, and Omar

Task: Test Autonomous and debugging

Today we were refining our ramp autonomous by debugging the gyro code. We found that our "goYonder" and "goBackward" method were affecting each other which was making our robot work incorrectly and just going crazy.


Our approach to fixing our autonomous has yielded some promising results. When we started practice the autonomous code only worked every other time, failing when we compiled for the first time per connect and alternating from there. We found the cause of the error, having two methods whith local variables of the same name. We hadn't caught this earlier because normally local variables clear each time. Mr.Virani attributed this to Robot C being stupid. When we zeroed the variable each time, the issue was fixed. Once that was resolved we were able to actually make progress on our ramp routine.

Date | February 5, 2015