Autonomous Gyro

Tags: Autonomous and Gyro
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Autonomous Gyro By Jayesh

Task:Create Autonomous deploying from ramp utilizing gyro

A simple idea for autonomous was to use dead reckoning, with command such as
However, the problems included an inability to correct movement if one side of the wheels had less power than the other. Gyro was giving us multiple errors, with methods such as GoYonderGyro(); having similar functions such as GyroTurn(); We figured out that the variables needed to be reinitialized at the beginning for values such as for the motors and servos. Now, with gyros, instead of the above code, those lines are replaced with:
GoYonderGyro(20, 50, 0);


The simplicity of gyro allows us greater capability with drive control and precision with autonomous. The self-adjusting values also allows the robot to remain in a linear path besides one that is curved.

Date | February 7, 2015