Servo Mounting Wiring

Tags: linear slides and Wiring
Personhours: 1
Servo Mounting Wiring By Jayesh

Task: Wire servos to new mount

The two new servos, one for the backboard, and the other for the autonomous small ball, are placed in relatively high positions and needed to be wired. The problem was that the wires needed to be positioned at a place such that they wouldnt break off at deployment. The configuration we came up with was a two-tape-per-beam system where the wire has a starting and ending on each beam. The final design allows for the two servos to function.


With the mechanical components now in place, we are now working on getting the actual values for the servos for the scoring position, and for resting. This opens up our doors for autonomous, and especially for our tele points.

Date | February 12, 2015