Beater Bar V4

Tags: Beater Bar and Version new
Personhours: 1
Beater Bar V4 By Jayesh

Task: Finalize Beater Bar

The previous versions of the beater bar were too bulky and big for the front of the robot, so initially we had just taken the mechanism entirely off. However, we needed something to push the balls towards the claw. The new beater bar has a simple, one layer turn that gives us just enough force to propel the balls into the claws. The fraction of the size it is compared to other beater bar versions is the main improvement and allows to have only the claw mechanism to be finalized and coded in.


This new version was coded with a seperate toggle to go intake and stop, and then a parallel button coded to go reverse in case the some balls get stuck: static bool isGoing = false; //only initial reading of pressed button causes toggle if (joy2Btn(3)) { if (!isGoing) { if (servo[Beater_Claw] != 127) { servo[Beater_Claw] = BeaterStop; servo[Beater_Belt] = BeaterStop; } else { servo[Beater_Claw] = BeaterClawForward; servo[Beater_Belt] = BeaterBeltForward; } } isGoing = true; } else { isGoing = false; } This new toggle system opens up possibilites for the rest of the robot's scoring mechanism. Now, only the claw is left to finish up tele op and the robot- controlled period for us.

Date | February 13, 2015