Updated Intake System

Tags: backboard, scoring, back board, and ski lift
Personhours: 1
Updated Intake System By Jayesh

Task: Make a new intake method for the balls

Our old beater bar intake for the game was deemed too big for our new scissor lift idea. Our new claw has a simple toggle set in the code:
if (!(joy2Btn(8) == 1)) { servoTarget[Claw] = 255; } else { servoTarget[Claw] = 100; }
This allows for a simple hold of right trigger to keep the claw up, This allows for rapid intake(which was discussed in an earlier blog entry).


Our new designs and code are all coming together, constantly increasing our arsenal for use in the robot game. Our main goal of getting a rapid intake with contantly scoring balls (hopefully in the 90) is a lot easier with the new claw. The simple code creation and output also gives a low margin of error.

Date | February 13, 2015