Regional Tournament

Tags: competition
Personhours: 50
Regional Tournament By Max, Lin, Darshan, Jayesh, and Omar

Task: Perform somewhat successfully at the regional tournament

Due to numerous issues having to do with the design flaws of our robot and with poor luck, we sucked. We were not able to win any matches that day. Also unfortunately, we were unable to fix any flaw because each match evoked a different problem. Eventually, we had to resort to not using the scissorlift because otherwise we would fall off the ramp due to balance issues. Our claw for some reason caught itself on the field's mat, and upon moving the robot forward, was cleanly ripped off. The competition did not go well at all. However, we will learn from all of our failures and will make sure that next year's design will not be a l0s3r/n00b/skrubl0rd.


A full postmortem of this season will be posted at a later date; we are all too depressed to type anything else for now. rip gg

Date | February 14, 2015