Moonday 2015 at Frontiers of Flight Museum

Tags: outreach
Personhours: 25
Moonday 2015 at Frontiers of Flight Museum By Max, Tycho, Lin, Omar, and Jayesh

Task: Represent SEM and STEM at Moonday 2015

The Frontiers of Flight Museum hosts an event every year called Moon Day that exhibits a lot of STEM topics to anyone who drops by. Iron Reign always has a booth with DPRG and exhibits most of the previous robots and topics that we've been involved in. This year we showed off Argos and Kibosh in particular, also having GyroBoy as an example based off our presentation given to the DPRG just the previous week. We had our booth where we presented our robots and also had a seperate team walking around, showing off Argos and Minion. We were able to talk to many people, both young and old, and we impressed upon these people the importance of what we're doing and how the STEM fields could affect them. We impressed a couple engineers that came over with one of them exclaiming: "Man, kids used to mess with their dolls and toys, you guys do things that we weren't able to until late college!"


Our opportunity to talk to both kids and adults experienced in the STEM fields, and leave an impression on both, is something that has come to define this team. To get kids excited about what we do and start getting them to see if they have any interest, helps us prepare them for their future in their early age. Meanwhile, to be able to learn from other engineers and take advice from their experience helps prepare us for our future.

Date | July 18, 2015