Mayor's Back to School Fair 2015 and Dallas City of Learning at Fair Park

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Personhours: 24
Mayor's Back to School Fair 2015 and Dallas City of Learning at Fair Park By Jayesh, Max, Tycho, Omar, Darshan

Task: Share STEM opportunities with returning Dallas ISD Students

On August 7, 2015 we tried to inspire returning DISD students to think of themselves as budding engineers and scientists. At the Mayor's Back to School Fair and as guests of Dallas City of Learning, we demonstrated our creations to Mayor Rawlings and hundreds of kids. Many students learned to operate the robots and learned about robotics opportunities available to them at all levels in Dallas ISD.


We were in the historic Women's Building at Fair Park. It's a beautiful building, but foot traffic was not great since it was separated from the main buildings. The kids who did come through still got a kick out of Kibosh. We had it slowed down so they could control and play with it directly. Mayor Rawlings was really nice and seemed genuinely intersested in what we were doing and especially that we were doing so much over the summer. He is really concerned about summer learning loss and that's part of why he is backing the Dallas City of Learning initiative. Omar spent a lot of time touring the building with Argos and even taught Mayor Rawlings how to operate it. And our story did get featured in the school's first newsletter this year.

Date | August 7, 2015