Learn About GitHub

Tags: Windows, Git, Git, Linux, and Makerspace
Personhours: 16
Learn About GitHub by Max, Tycho, Jayesh, Lin, Ethan, Trace, and Alisa

Task: Learning more about Git and GitHub.

We've been using GitHub to host this website and to version our robot code since last year. Max, Tycho, Jayesh, Caitlyn, Ethan, Trace, and Alisa attended. Steve Edwards, a member of DPRG, taught us about Git, which is a distributed version control utility that allows there to be a central version of a program while someone may be editing their own local version on their computer. Github is a website that hosts repositories for free.


We've been using GitHub for about a year. This website is powered by GitHub pages, and we also have a robot source code repository. But we've mostly been using GitHub for Windows, and today's talk revealed what it was doing for us under the hood. We now have a greater appreciation for GitHub, but it was interesting to see what was happening underneath GitHub for Windows. We clearly still have a lot to learn.

Date | August 8, 2015