Season Startup Team Meet

Tags: logistics, organization, and assignments
Personhours: 28
Season Startup Team Meet By Max, Tycho, Omar, Lin, Trace, Evan, Darshan

Task: Discuss the upcoming FTC Season

This meet we discussed topics concerning the upcoming FTC season. Our sister team, Imperial Robotics, was also over getting their robot working with the new motor controllers. We went over basics that we should do to be a better team this season. We went around deciding tasks each member would be in charge of, whether it was logistics, organization, or our business plan. We also discussed how we should promote our team. Evan especially was enthusiastic about reaching out and taking charge of our business plan.


We realized that to be an accomplished team we each need to know we should be doing. With the game being released next Saturday, we will have to be precise in what we do and how we do thing this season.

Date | September 5, 2015