Labor Day Meeting

Tags: software, organization, and journal
Personhours: 28
Labor Day Meeting By Lin, Jayesh, Darshan, Alisa, Omar, Max, Tycho

Task: Learn about OpModes

Today, we reviewed opmodes in the FTC API and how to register new opmodes. We also learned about the differences between regular, linear and synchronous (from SwerveRobotics) opmodes.

Task: Review Blogs/Journal

Our Blog == our Journal. What we also did today was quickly review how to create blog entries so we can do that more frequently this year. We also tried to catch up on our lengthy backlog of journal articles. We were very busy with outreach this summer and haven't had a chance to write up most of those events.


With the new game being released this coming Saturday, we should soon be able to try and figure out what kind of robot we'll need to create and how to approach the problem both code-wise and machine-wise.

The linear opmode works as a simple sequence of instructions, while a regular opmode is more event driven but still simplified kind of the way that arduinos work where some lower level task manager is responsible for calling our main loop and making sure that communications with the hardware devices happens between those loop calls. Synchronous opmodes are provided by the SwerveRoboticsLibrary and are similar to the linear opmode, but seem to have some advantages. There needs to be a lot of work in order for all of us to really understand all of this code in the new environment before we'll be able to use it well, but in time we'll learn. I hope.

Date | September 7, 2015