Meeting After Game Reveal

Tags: mechanical and Design
Personhours: 42
Meeting After Game Reveal By Dylan, Darshan, Alisa, Ethan, Evan, Lin, Tycho, Max, Trace

Task: Discuss robot design

Now that the game has been released, we as a group discussed the different amount of points per each possible game strategy that would give us the most ample amount of points during the given time limit. We also discussed the different ideas on the tracks and wheels that are possible for our design. The arm attachment was discussed for the grabbing of the highest mount of the mountain which would give us the most points.


In the future, we will probably test the different ideas we have brainstormed and discover which of these will probably be most efficient for us in our competition that will give us the lightest and most applicable design. In the following weeks, we will have obtained the color sensor and field pieces or items to practice with. This will lead us to reflect even more about what we have done today and what we have done in the weeks before.

Date | September 13, 2015