FTC Kickoff 2015

Tags: Coopertition and Outreach
Personhours: 18
FTC Kickoff 2015 By Jayesh, Omar, Max, Tycho, Evan, Ethan

Task: Attend FTC kickoff and assist newer teams in understanding task ahead of him

We were invited by team Technical Dificulties invited Iron Reign to attend first FTC kickoff for our region ever. With the Technical Difficulties coach leading the discussion, everything relating to the game and coopertition in North Texas was discussed. Technical Difficulties, with some input from us and a few other veteranss, was able to assist the rookie teams with understanding the task of the FTC challenge this year. Questions asked included the challenge, possible loopholes, rules and regulations, and award chances and how to possible obtain them.


Iron Reign has always made a priority of assisting the newer teams in FTC and even FLL to understand the competition they are entering and the responsibilities they will undertake in this year and beyond. Many people came up to us asking about build strategies and even basics like understanding javascript. There will be future workshops invloving programming and building that we may attend to learn and spread our own knowledge on the subject matter.

Date | September 19, 2015