Post Kickoff

Tags: Hardware, field, and design
Personhours: 32
Post Kickoff By Jayesh, Omar, Lin, Ethan, Alisa, Evan, Max, Tycho

Task: Build FTC field and begin tank tread mirror side

After the 2015 kickoff, Iron Reign conducted a meeting to construct our game field and also construct our mirror side for the tank treads. Taking turns on placing the grips on our treads, we managed to get a good portion of the grips placed as well. Construction of the field also commenced and the majority of the field is finished, providing an important recource for us in testing the robot for competition.


Field materials like the ramp gave us difficulty in assembling them because of confusions such as where to thread each screw. Watching the building videos on Andy Mark's website let us know how to solve most of these nuances. With the mirror side of the tank thread just about done, we can also start building on the main chassis and start discussing our main scoring mechanism.

Date | September 19, 2015