Circle Time

Tags: mechanical and Design
Personhours: 5
Circle Time By Jayesh, Ethan, Omar, Darshan, Evan

Task:Discuss multiple possible solutions to climb steep incline on field

We held a team meeting outside on the field discussing multiple possible solutions to the problem of the robot ascending to the top of the ramp. While we are already able to climb the ramp, the robot strafes significantly as it climbs above each rung on the ramp. This can be accounted for during the driver-controlled period, but the strafing can't be accounted for during autonomous, unless we have each side of the robot respond to the other's actions.


Having each side account for each other allows for error corrections and also greatly improves the strafing in the robot. Possible solutions included the use of two ultrasonic sensors on the bottom of the robot that detect the distance from the ground. As a side passes over a rung, the distance value changes and the other side adjusts until it reaches the same value. The use of an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) to detect differences between each side also fixes the strafing, but the IMU would detect the robot moving as one unit, compared to splitting the robot in half using the ultrasonic sensors. The difference between the two solutions is in efficiency and we will explore these and other options to ensure most success in the autonomous period.

Date | October 10, 2015