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Create a List of Blog Tags By Lin

Task: Make a list of tags for blog entries

We've been tagging each blog post as we write them according to topics we think they fall into, but there's been no standard for what to choose from. For example, what I tag as "Mechanical" Omar tags as "Build." When we get some scripting done on the blog to separate according to topic we will need consistency between everybody.


So far these are the tags chosen to represent main topics and types of posts:
@Team members: comment tag suggestions at the bottom of this article or in the group chat

  • Business - almost ALL outreach is under this tag too. grants won and companies talked too
  • Outreach - giving to the community, The team went out to an event, taught something, mentored a group etc
  • Mechanical - physically working on the robot or designs for that (omar's used "build" in the past, similar to that)
  • Software - programming, talking about sensors or something
  • Design - robot design (including arrangement of parts and wires), Creo mostly though
  • Organization - logistics about arrangement of tools, workspace stuff, may overlap with a lot of others
  • Journal - for when you've gotta get meta and blog about blogging
  • Tips - tips and tricks, something we think should be shared with other teams
  • Private - posts that contain trade secrets or something we don't want to share. won't be shown on the main blog page
  • Video - video is embedded somewhere in the post
Scripting will be used later to get some navigation / searching by topic, but we still need to go through previous entries from this season and replace old tags.

Date | October 17, 2015