Video Ideas

Tags: mechanical and tips
Personhours: 5
Video Ideas By Alisa, Dylan, Ethan

Task: Watching videos to get ideas for our robot

Dylan, Ethan, and I decided to watch videos to see what other teams were doing to build and improve their robots during the Circle Meeting outside. We wanted to see if any of the designs were successful so we could learn from them. The videos included Robot in Three Days, RiTD Explained, and Trojan Robotics .


Every video we watched was ahead of us; we have a long way to go in building our robot. It can climb up the ramp a bit, but we really need to make an arm mechanism, figure out how to grab the balls and cube, and increase traction on the mountain. In addition, we have to program more. We're probably a few weeks behind Trojan Robotics in the video we watched.

Date | October 31, 2015