Autonomous Code Part 1

Tags: software
Personhours: 6
Coding for Autonomous Pilot Program By Tycho and Dylan

Task: Program Pilot Code

Our task was to begin programming for our first version of the Pilot class of the robot using other classes for our angle, position, and controller that we created. The controller class known as PID controller used part of the controller set given to us from the repository but was recalibrated to be in terms of time and independent of all else. This we need to integrate in our pilot class which we will use to tie all programs together for our autonomous program.


We still have a long way to go for our program and how we are going to use methods from the private class for the PID controller. We have a few ideas we should follow up on as well as test with our robot. With so many variables we need to make sure that we can have the ability to name each differently but also describe what each variable is describing. In reflection, we have done many of the methods for our pilot program and only need to add a few more so that the variables describing values of other classes changes when necessary. The main parts of the particular pilot program version one are complete and we should be done with the rest of our program next week.

Date | November 8, 2015