Helping the Travis Team

Tags: outreach
Personhours: 2
Helping the Travis Team By Tycho

Task: Teach Travis Team how to Use Previous Team's Code

After retiring from FLL at Travis, we decided to share our code library with the other team from the school. We set up a meet with Clay, one of the main programmers of the team, so we could teach him how to use our core functions; the next step is for him to teach the other members of his team how to use the code.


I spent a couple of hours to teach Clay how to use our most essential code segments; he now knows how to use a proportional line follower, maintain a heading using the gyro, how to make accurate turns using the gyro and how to calibrate the robot so that the robot knows how many wheel rotations it takes to move the robot one centimeter.

Date | November 8, 2015