SEM Open House 2015

Tags: business and outreach
Personhours: 10
SEM Open House 2015 By Jayesh, Lin, Omar, Max, Tycho, Darshan

Task: Publicize our school and team + showcase the benefits of robotics

Iron Reign was once again invited to attend our school's open house and present our robotics group and speak about what we have and will do. We mainly focsused our topics on the transition between middle school level robotics and high school level. The topics covered included the overall engineering and computer programmming that we undergo as a part of FTC. The classes that these possible future students would undertake as a part of SEM such as Physics and Computer Science would function as a baseline in the challenges presented in FTC and the main focus of our presentation was to hopefully show these possible prospects that what they learn in class would actually be utilized in their everyday life.


With the discussions we had with the people in the crowd and leadership of our school, we garnered a lot of attention towards our team and robotics in general. Many people who hadn't had a lot of personal experience with robotics were mostly attracted to the dynamics of the robots as they moved around and showed of their basic motor functions. Other people who were engineers and researchers were impressed with our technical level at our age. Many people exclaimed how it's good that we're taing full advantage of our opportunnites as they never had these opportunites at their age. These open houses let us see how we were before starting FTC seriously, and these opportunities have helped us for our likely futures in the STEM fields.

Date | November 11, 2015