Starting up our Autonomous Code

Tags: software
Personhours: 8
Starting up our Autonomous Code by Jayesh, Tycho, Max

Task: Get started on autonomous coding

We spent some of the time at the scrimmage today starting up our autonomous code in android studio. The main basis of our coding was put around climbing the ramp, which is our main function of our robot without the rest of the hardware in place. The main point of the code was put around PID and Pose, as PID helped give us our position on the field and Pose helped in giving our heading.


The coding differences between this year and last year are mostly in the mainframe of the code. While there are similarities in the defintions of motors and variables in hard coded movement, the new use of Pose completely replaces the use gyro functions such as GoYonderGyro and GyroTurn. Also, with the new interface comes the differences between basic C language and Javascript. We plan to explore these similarities and differences further as we continue to improve both our Autonomous and user-controlled code.

Date | November 14, 2015