Business Planning

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Business Planning By Alisa

Task: Making a Business Sponsorship Template

I worked on making a rough draft of a sponsorship template. This template will be used to email companies to ask for their sponsorship. I have a list of companies that have a high chance of sponsoring us. I found several more to add to the list Evan started last week. I also added sponsorship levels to increase interest for the companies: Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Copper, Steel, Iron. Different levels through our list imply greater rights and priveleges in accordance to money donated.


Our team is hoping to fix up some flaws of the template, so we can start using it to ask companies for their sponsorship. We are short of money and in the future, we will look for other ways to gain sponsorship money. This will help iron Reign continue its operations in both competition and extracurricular state. We are quickly growing out of the pure robotics team and growing into an organization.

Date | December 5, 2015