Thinking about Effort

Tags: Design
Personhours: 1
Thinking about Effort by Omar

Task: Think about our robot's design both for now and for the future

Today, I decided to list our different options when it comes to design and on how much effort they would take on a numerical scale from 0 to 7. 0 means no effort would be needed at all (none of our options are currently here), and 7 means that the option is almost not practical based on the work we'd need to put in, but would be a huge benefit on our robot. It's a direct proportion of benefit to effort.


On average, the different options require a medium amount of effort on the scale based on different positions on the robot. The different images put on the scale helps us to determine which of our possible courses of finishing our robot will be most beneficial both in mechanical value and in amount of time it will take for us to finish the task. As we discuss which of our future possible courses will be our final design, this graphic gives a great planning tool to determine which course will help us and which path we will choose to stick to.

Date | December 6, 2015