Scrimmage at Greenhill

Tags: outreach, mechanical, and software
Personhours: 21
Scrimmage at Greenhill By Darshan, Alisa, Omar, Lin, Max, Tycho, Evan

Task: Practice with other teams and see

This past Friday, the team tried to get the robot working in a small scrimmage with seven or so other teams. At the scrimmage, we managed to get our cow-catcher working, even though we nearly burned out our servo. During the process of finding the right positioning and testing it while driving we managed to tear up quite a few rubber inserts on our treads. Even though the scrim was scheduled to start at 6, no one ended up competing in a single match. Along with us, there were only two other teams that were even driving their robots, Imperial Robotics and Technical Difficulties. But when we were testing driving we saw that our robot needed a little help getting up the ramp, if it could at all. We also tried to get our autonomous going, but it went nowhere. Compared to other teams we might not be that far behind, but we feel that we should be much farther. And even though we didn't compete, we were at least able see how the robot drove and handled.


We now feel like we need to gain a new sense of urgency. With our first qualifier only about three or so weeks away we are running short of time. We also feel that if we plan on being a top contender we need to be on a whole other level. Our robot itself isn't in the worst of conditions but we need to be upgrading and testing, both our physical robot and our code: autonomous and tele-op. We also need to focus on our final design of the robot, incorporating them into our code as we approach our qualifier date. We were able to learn a lot about possible pathways to take in terms of our code in tele op and autonomous and we plan to implement these ideas onto our robot in the coming practices.

Date | December 11, 2015