Climber Restraint

Tags: Mechanical, Design, and Innovate
Personhours: 2
Climber Restraint By Max

Task: Model a part to keep the churro climber cable ties on path

As we continued to work on the churro climber mechanism today, we decided that the cable ties bowing out would be a big issue that needed fixing. By making a small guide piece, we could ensure that the cable tie actually extends from the front of the robot instead of flopping around like overcooked spaghetti on the other side. So, I've made a rather simple model that can be bolted over the cable tie and on to the extrusions of the sliding mechanism.


It works well; after running some tests, it seems to have resolved the issue entirely, and the cable ties reliably extend from the front of the robot. The movement of the sliding mechanism doesn't affect the ties in any bad way, which is a nice plus.

Date | December 30, 2015