Starting Color Blob Detection

Tags: software and video
Personhours: 6
Starting Color Blob Detection By Omar, Max, Tycho

Task: Implement color blob detection on the robot for detecting beacons

Even though this was very long overdue, we now have a way to turn towards a certain color similar to what Argos does. What we're basically doing is calculating the angle that the robot is off-center of the blob it's tracking, and letting it correct for the error and straighten up with our PID code that's already in place. Right now, it doesn't actually move backwards and forwards, only turn on its axis, but we can soon get it moving around following colors. --NEEDS VIDEO HERE--


This year's competition gives teams that can detect the colors of the beacon a huge amount of points, which includes dumping the climbers in the baskets and pressing the buttons. It's very important for us to be able to do this if we hope to be successful in our first tournament that's less than two weeks away. With the ablity to now direct our robot towards the colors, we can have more overall points during autonomous and tele op.

Date | January 5, 2016