A Presentation for the Ages

Tags: journal, software, and mechanical
Personhours: 4.5
A Presentation for the Ages By Ethan, Jayesh, Max, Tycho, Lin, Omar, Evan, Alisa

Task: Work on our presentation to the judges

Our main weakness in previous years had been our presentation. This year, we plan to change that. When our team was solely FLL, we practiced our presentations beforehand, so, we're applying that to this year. We've done 2-3 presentations so far and it seems it really helps us. As well, we're making a powerpoint presentation to assist us, giving us information we might forget and providing a visual aid. We also have a basic outline we're following.


We still need to practice our presentation, as we all aren't great actors like Evan and Jayesh. As well, the making of the powerpoint presentation showed me just how much we need to focus on documenting our work and outreach activities.I hope, by tournament time, that our presentation will be ready.

Date | January 10, 2016