Post Competition Goals

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Post Competition Goals By Jayesh, Omar, Darshan, Max, Tycho, Lin, Ethan, Evan, Dylan, Alisa, and Trace

Task: Discuss future goals and fixes needed to succeed at regionals and beyond

In the week following the competition, a Google document was made to discuss sections of building the team can improve on before the regional tournament. There was an outline made where every team member applied to certain sections that they felt needed to be improved upon. The different sections included robot chassis, the presentation, and game strategy. Members voted on item to be improved upon first, considering the benefits or risks of implementation in play, similar to the team's overall idea system. There was emphasis put on the autonomous of the robot and fixing our block intake and deposit system.


Iron Reign's engineering process lets the team collectively decide on which tasks to prioritize. A collective document gives us the ability to save time in discussion during a practice and refine our ideas. Our plan currently is to have a better autonomous by dumping the climbers, pushing the button, and attempting to scale the mountain. For the robot, we are planning to focus improving our block intake and dumping system so we can get more points than just climbing the mountain. The team now has laid out list of tasks to focus on to prepare for the regional tournament at UTA.

Date | February 1, 2016